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Artificial intelligence (2021) the future

Artificial Intelligence

From Alexa (amazon) to Siri (Apple), artificial intelligence technology is interfering everywhere, and this technology is growing rapidly.

The best thing about this technology is its ability to rationalize and take actions that have the best chance of fulfilling a pre-decided goal.

While in science fiction movies, we see many artificial intelligence characters or partial humanoid robots, and of course, this is the future of artificial intelligence.

But today, we use narrow AI(artificial intelligence) or weak AI, which is developed for narrow tasks or a single task only. As face recognition technology only recognizes the face, self-driving cars only drive that car, but it can’t do anything else.

Altho flying cars are not available for everyone but still, these flying cars also use this technology.

However, every scientist’s major goal is to develop a general AI(AGI), or we can call it a strong AI. While weak AI can only solve a single problem or perform only a single task, AGI( general AI) can solve many problems and make human life more reliable and easy to live.

In today’s life, artificial machines are not developed enough, so they beat the human brain. Not yet, at least.

But they are seeping their way into our lives, affecting how we work, how we live, and how we entertain ourselves.

Understanding the AI technology

When we hear words like artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, the first image that comes to our mind is robots. That’s because of high-budget Hollywood movies, various theories, stories of human-like robots, and how they overtake humans on earth.

This is based on the principle of how human intelligence can be defined so that a machine can easily copy and then process the task.

The primary focus of artificial intelligence is includes learning, reasoning, and perception.

Every day, some new technology is introduced in this internet era, and that new technology replaces old technology.

Benchmarks that defined artificial intelligence change after every new technology developed in today’s life. For example, calculator; calculator is a brilliant innovation in science, and it must consider being an artificial intelligent technology device when this device introduced. But the calculator is not an AI device anymore.

AI is continuously changing to work with every industry effectively. Machines are wired using a cross-cutting approach based on computer science, maths, linguistics, psychology, and more.

16 Examples of Artificial Intelligence

Here is a list of sixteen best examples of AI machines, and we use these artificial intelligent technologies without even knowing that it’s AI-powered technology.

  • Google map
  • face detection screen lock
  • Autocorrect
  • Search and Recommendation Algorithms
  • Chatbot
  • Digital Assistants
  • Social media
  • E-payments
  • Siri
  • Alexa
  • Tesla
  • Cogito
  • Boxever
  • John Paul
  • Netflix

1. Google maps

Nowadays, if you want to travel to some unknown place, you no need to remember all the place names, and you no need to hire a local guide. You need a GPS (Global Positioning System) enabled smartphone, and that’s it. You can go where you want.

Knowing a common question comes to our mind that how that phone navigated me and how accurate is google maps distance?

A smartphone with GPS technology navigates you. Google is a multi-billion-dollar company, and therefore they own a satellite. With that satellite, google captures earth images, and it also helps to find a road.

After collecting all the data, google’s artificial intelligence technology system uses that information and improves the distance measuring system’s accuracy.

And an answer to the above question, how accurate is google map is you can trust google. It is 80-85% accurate. But my personal experience says, don’t trust blindly.

2. Face recognition system

New generation smartphones use artificial intelligence technology to detect faces. For security, these types of cameras technology also use.

In mobile devices, we use a camera filter, or we use a face unlock system. In this situation, mobiles, artificial intelligence technology uses to detect the human face.

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