Flying Car: Things You Didn’t Know About These cars

Flying car

A flying car is just a combination of cars and aircraft. It means the flying car can run on a normal road like a normal car, and it can fly like an airplane. That’s because we called it a flying car. There are mainly two types of flying cars that exist until now. One car has wings on it, and another car doesn’t have wings. Instead of wings, it has a hover propeller, which helps to hover the car in the middle of the air. This type of car is called a hovercar.

A hovercar can vertically takeup and land in any small size area. But in those cars which have wings on it, they need a runway for takeup and landing. Hovercars are looks like big size drones, Which can carry humans on it. The main problem with this type of flying machine is that it needs so much power to takeup and hover in the air. And for that, it needs a big space for fuel or the battery. But with the car with wings on it, they don’t need much fuel or space. Because they don’t hover in the air, and they cant take up vertically. 

History of flying car

historycal flying car
One of the first prototype of flying car

After discovering the airplane by the Wright brothers in 1903, the race to build a better transport system begins. In the way to build this, many innovators experimented, failed, but tried many times. 

In 1934 henry ford fly the first flight with a small airplane. And that airplane called “sky flivver.” it is a single-seated plain.

Sky flivver is not a flying car, but it attracted press attention when it crashed, and the pilot found dead. After this incident, people went to know that an airplane also can be affordable.  

In 1940 Henry ford predict that in the future, a combination of car and plane is coming, you may still, but it will come. These are the exact word said by Henry Ford.

After 2 years, in 1942, the soviet armed force tries to combine a gliding tank with airplanes. But the experiment is absolutely not successful.

image of a airplane

Morden flying car

As of 2020, many companies are developing an electric flying machine or eVTOL, which is vertical takeoff and landing machines. 

  • Sky drive captivator:

It is a start-up that sets a goal for them to successfully try a flight test in the 2020 summer Olympics. Because of the Covid pandemic, the Olympic game was a delay, and the car’s launch also delay. It is the first flying can in japan to successfully conduct a test flight. 

  • Kitty Hawk Flyer and Zee.Aero:

Kitty hawk corporation collaborating with larry pages they developing flying cars.

  • Volocopter:

In 2019 Volocopter 2X was successfully tested.

  • Uber

Uber provides its riding service in almost all countries in the world. And now uber working with Karem aircraft to develop flying cars. They target to start their UberAir service before 2023, and they planned to launch 50 test flying vehicles.

Klein vision 

Video credit:KleinVision

Klein vision is also a flying car manufacturer, which started in 1989. and they continuously improving themselves. A few days ago, news came about this company, and the news is “Klein vision” developed a car that can fly and can run on the road like a normal car. This news and the video of the flying car went viral on social media and over the internet. 

They market this as “A car that transforms into an airplane within three minutes.” 

They named this vehicle as AirCar, and it is the latest version of flying cars.

This video clearly shows how this car transforms in to plane on the runway and takes off for a test flight(Picture credit: YouTube/KleinVision).

According to the company, this car is suitable for self-driving or as a commercial taxi driving. This car’s total weight is 1100kg, and it can carry up to 200kg additional load per flight.

This car has a BMW 1.6l engine, it has 140HP power output. AirCar can travel for 1000km and fuel consumption of 18 liters per hour.

Sky drive

Skydrive is a Japanese flying car manufacturer company. It conducts the public demonstration on August 25.

It is one of the largest and fastest flying car manufacture in the world.

CEO of Skydrive Tomohiro Fukuzawa said in his statement about the success of his company. In his statement, he said, “we are extremely excited to have achieved japan’s first-ever flying car with a man on it.

It is the world’s smallest electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, and it can take you up space about 12-foot height.

As the company says, this vehicle has eight motors to ensure “safety in an emergency situation.”

In a test flight, this vehicle hovers in the middle of the air for four minutes. As the CEO said, it a massive success for them.

Pice of this flying car is not mentioned in any reports.


A flying car is a much-awaited technology we all wait for. Once these companies prove that these cars are safe to drive, many are ready to instantly buy them. It means clear that the flying car industry is going to huge industries in the future. So as the market is huge, we have to consider the environmental effects of flying cars. These cars should not have to release much carbon dioxide.

In future maybe 5G Technology gonna help flying cars. because 5G is faster and reliable then any other networks. know more…


There should be some lows about the license of these flying cars. A person who wants the license they have to pass in road driving and pilot test. But in practically it is not possible to take a test of all people who want a license. We have to develop some artificial computer auto-control system that can control almost all major portion of their cars. It is possible to deliver these cars to the world, a practical flying car may need to be a fully autonomous vehicle in which people only travel as a passenger. If you want to know about the time machine, you can visit my blog.

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