What is 5G technology, and Who developed it?

What is 5G technology?

5g is the 5th generation of cellular communication technology. At present, we use 4g technology. Older generations are 3g, 2g, and 1g technology.

All of this technology start with 1g, which is the 1st generation of cellular communication technology. This type of technology was introduced to the world in 1983 at the USA  Chicago-based Ameritech with the Motorola Dyna TAC call phone. 

This technology offers 2.4 kilobytes per second(Kbps). When technology grues up, we show 2g, which is the 2nd generation of cellular communication technology. 

This was introduced in 1991, which is capable of 64 kilobytes per second(Kbps). Then 3rd generation comes to the market in 2001, capable of 244 kilobytes per second(Kbps). 

Then we experience 4th generation technology, which is much faster and better than all 3 generation technologies.  4g technology is capable of 100mbps-1gbps theoretically. 

What if I tell you that another generation is on its way to come, and this can give you 20 gigabytes per second(Gbps) at its peak speed. 

5g can start a new kind of network culture that connects virtually everyone and everything together, including robots, devices, and objects. 

This 5th generation technology can deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speed, extra reliability, a huge network capacity, ultra-low latency, and better user experience to more users.   

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Who develops 5G technology?

Not a single company or person owns 5G technology. With the help of several tech companies, 5g technology developed. 

Estimate around 100k people contribute to developing such h an extraordinary technology. Which gonna change everything, literally everything in this word. 

 How does 5G technology work?

Radio access networks and core networks are the two main components of a mobile network, just like all other cellular communication technology. 

5g technology uses a cell site system that split their territory into sectors and sends encoded data to radio waves. Both cell sites must be connected to a network through a wired or wireless connection. Initially, every existing operator integrates 5g networks with the 4g network to get a continuous link.

5G technology work with this system

5G is better than previous generations of mobile networks?

The previous generations are 1g, 2g, 3g, and 4g. This technology developed to provide better connectivity and more functions. 

And 5g also developed with the same aim to give good connectivity and productivity to the people. 

The main benefit of 5g technology is that it will be much faster than ever downloading and streaming content online. 

According to WHO, approximately 1.35 million people die each year as a result of an accident. Till now we don’t have any technology for it. 

Just imagine billions of connected devices together, sharing information in real-time to reduce road accidents. 5g technology plays a vital role in advancing societies, transforming industries, and elevating experiences.

5G role in advancing societies.

It opens a better way to boost safety and sustainability. To reduce carbon emission, we can install a smarter electricity grid. 

Faster ambulance services with 5g technology. Smarter and faster weather forecasting system. 5g can connect remote areas to the world. 

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5G role in the field of developing industries.

This futuristic technology is the first step toward flexible, efficient, and responsible business. 

The production line can be automated, and they can be programed react to supply as demand. To efficiently grow crops in agriculture, IoT is used, and a combination of IoT with 5g becomes incredible.

5G role in Elevating experiences.

5G is the foundation of next-level virtual reality experience in the field of entertainment and more engaging education. It can give you sensory experience, like touch through devices. Improve virtual online meetings to boost the remote team’s productivity—stable and reliable connectivity in crowded spaces.

5G is better than 4G or not?

First of all, 5G is much better than the 4G network. let’s see how 5G is significantly faster than the 4G network. 

5G technology has more capacity. This technology has a lower latency than 4G. It is a unified platform that has more capacity. It uses a better spectrum compares to 4G. 5G can download a full-length HD movie to your phone in a second, and it doesn’t matter if you are in a crowded stadium or your home.

Which advanced countries already operate in 5G technology?

In 2021 many countries expect nationwide 5G mobile networks.

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bahrain, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong,  Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Maldives, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Virgin Islands, U.S. are the countries were 5G already being used.

How and when will 5G affect the global economy?

it is expecting that with 5G technology, we see 

  • 13.2 trillion dollars of global economic output.
  • 22.3 million new jobs were created.
  • 2.1 trillion dollars in GDP growth.

According to a 5G economy study, 5G full economic effect will likely be realized across the globe by 2035. supporting a wide range of industries and potentially empowering up to 13.2 trillion dollars worth of goods and services.

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Do I need a new phone for 5G enable?

Yes, you need to upgrade your phone to experience 5G technology.

4G phones, 3G phones, and other phones are not suitable for 5g technology. That’s why you need to change your device.

Here is some 5G phone present in today’s market 

  • Samsung galaxy note 20 ultras 5G
  • Vivo x50 pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 10
  • Samsung galaxy s20 ultra

Why are people afraid of 5G? is it harmful?

People are afraid because they think 5G is more powerful than any other generation technology, so it must increase radiation and harm the human body. 

People may also think that it can be the cause of climate change. Have a look how much time remaining for climate change.

But that’s not true. This technology is not harmful to the human body nor birds neither honeybees. Because 4G or 5G radiation is not powerful enough to cause “ionization” in body parts.

That is, it can’t produce “free radicals” (charged particles) that can interact with the chemicals in our bodies, to change DNA, and cause cancers.

If you still have some questions, feel free to ask in a comment section. I could love to answer.

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