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What is a time machine, and how to Travel In the Future?

Time Travel

When we listen to these types of words like time travel, more questions appear in our mind like, what is time travel, in real-time time travel possible or not, how a machine can take me to the future, etc.

From the begging, we humans are very curious about everything in this world. We are curious about how the sun rises from the east and sunset in the west, how the wildfire is started, and how to use fire, how a piece of stone is torn into a wheel. Our curiosity makes possible many impossible things in this world, right. We are all curious about time travel, which has not started with you and me. It starts from that day when humans began to think, feel, and leave with the community.

In the earlier 90s, some famous scientists gave some famous theories that prove that time travel is possible in reality. The below blog explains everything about your doubts, from the history of time travel to views of time travel, a story of time travelers to the formula for time travel. You are gonna know the things in detail.

time machine image
Time machine

What is time-travel?

Time travel is a theory in which an object or a person can visit specific points in future-time with a machine called the time-machine. 

In philosophy and fiction, this concept is widely used.

H. G. Wells is the guy how makes popular the name of this device, the time machine, in 1895.

History of time travel

What Hinduism tells about it

According to ancient Hinduism, there is a king called kakudmi, and his story is mentioned in Mahabharata. 

In history books, the king and his daughter revati traveled to the creator god Bramham’s home to take advice from him. At Bramha’s place, they both have to wait for 20 min because god Brahma is doing meditation.

When Brahma ends his meditation, he explains to the king that time is not equal in earth and heaven. You waited for 20 min, but on earth, millions of years pass away.

When the king and his daughter come back to earth, they find their family died 100s years ago. Basically, they found themself in future times.

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Ancient machines

when you look back in history, you found many poofs  that clearly show how time machines are present in real life, but we never believe in it. “The clock that went Backward” by Edward Page Mitchell is one of the first story-based innovations.

Is that possible to visit future

Like general theories of relativity, some theories say that if the exact geometries of spacetime or some specific type of motion in space can allow you to go in the future. If ever this happened, you can travel through a time, and you can go to the past or in the future where ever you want.

Now you may think, what are those exact geometries of spacetime? Let me explain.

Start from the begging, years ago, a famous scientist, dr. Albert Einstein comes with two theories. One is the theory of relativity, and another one in the general theory of relativity.

Theory of relativity

According to Albert Einstein, space and time both are connected. If you travel in space at the speed of light, then you can go to the future. It means if you are 15 years old and you started traveling to space at the speed of light, and at the same speed you traveled for the next 5 years, after 5 years when you come back to earth, you see your friends become 65 years old, but your age is just 20 years because you travel for 5 years right. This is how you can travel in future times. But this is a one-way road; you can’t bake to your past.

The theory of relativity is practical or not

Yes, it is possible to travel in the future with this theory, but at least till now, we don’t have any spacecraft or any type of machine that can achieve the speed of lite.

Even if we succeed in achieving the speed of lite, we also have to develop much fuel space. Because you gonna travel for years to enter in future.

If we resolve these two problems, then we can travel to the future.

The general theory of relativity

black hole

The general theory of relativity says the gravity and time both are relative to each other. 

With higher gravity, you feel time becomes slower. If gravity is too high in someplace, and you live 5 min in that place, then the time on earth goes around 5 years.

Black holes are the place with height gravity, and einstein mentioned that in his theory.

This is how you can travel to the future. Also, this is a one-way road. 

The general theory of relativity is practical or not.

According to many scientists, it looks a little bit complicated than the first one, but it is possible to travel in the future with the theory.

We don’t have any type of spacecraft which can fly near or above the black holes. If we invent such a type of spacecraft, then we can travel in the future.

Grandfather Paradox

It just a question; just imagine you travel in your past, and before your birth or before your father’s birth, you killed your grandfather. Now think when you already killed your grandfather, how your father will be born, and how you got born in this world. This becomes a huge problem which doesn’t have any perfect solution. Many scientists say that if you kill your grandpa, you may be born in a parallel world.

Experimental results

Tesla’s Time Travel Experiment: I could see the past, present, and future all at the same time.

In 1895 Dr. Nikola Tesla made a shocking discovery. He said that a magnetic field can influence time and space. According to this, with a strong and stable magnetic field, you can control space and time.

It is still not defined that tesla ever succeeds in his experiment or not as there are no such documents found.

Sometimes before dying, Tesla claims that he traveled the time and found themself in a different world with the help of magnetic field technology. With this, he shows the future at the present time.

However, no such files were present that prove the teslas experiment true, but if it true, then we must restore this technology.

Just imagine how useful this technology for our generation. We are now going through a covid pandemic. Still, if this technology were present, we could prevent it. not only this but also other natural disasters also can be avoided with this.

I know you are so accited to discover more about time travel, how time machines are work. Here are some Hollywood movies I personally suggest you at least once in life you much watch these movies.

Best movies on Time Travel

There is a huge collection of time travel movies on the internet. But all are fictional or imaginary movies. Most movies are entertaining, and you love to watch these movies.
Here is the top 10 time-travel movie list.

If you have some doubt please feel free to ask in the comment section below. I could love to answer them.

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