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What’s Quantum Computer and these computers exist?

Quantum Computer

Quantum computers are machines that store data using the properties of quantum physics and perform computing. These computers are so fast and powerful that they can beat most supercomputers of this era.


Smartphones, computers, and laptops are examples of classic computers. These classic computers use binary ‘bits’ to encode the information that is only 0s and 1s.

These bits become quantum bits or ‘qubits’ in the quantum computers which represent the basic unit of memory.

Using physical systems like the spin of an electron or the orientation of a photon, qubits (quantum bits) are developed and these systems can present in many arrangements all at once, a feature known as quantum superposition.

By using a phenomenon called quantum entanglement, a quantum bit or qubits link in such a way that is quite impossible to separate.

As a result, a series of qubits can represent many things at the same time. Classic computers can represent any number between 0 – 255 using 8 bits only, and in quantum computers, eight quantum bit or 8 qubits can represent every number between 0 – 255 at the same instance of time.

A few hundred inter-twisted quantum bits can represent more numbers than the stars in the universe. And this is how quantum computers are better than classic computers.

When we try to compare many possible combinations, these advanced computers can able to perform impossible calculations simultaneously. These computers are far better than classic computers, but sometimes classic computers are a better option than quantum computers.

According to some engineers, future computers are hybrid versions of both classic and quantum computers.

Quantum computer may become the first step towards artificial intelligence.

Does a quantum computer exist

We are in a computer era, or we can call it the age of technology, but there are still some technologies to come.

Some multinational companies have already taken the first step towards such advanced technologies as quantum computers. To perform computation quantum computation, use quantum phenomena like superposition and entanglement.

Those computers which can able to do quantum computations are called quantum computers. It is believed that these computers can solve problems like integer factorization substantially faster than regular classic computers in the future.

These computers differ totally from traditional computers or DNA computers, or classic computers(classic computers are transistor-based computers).

What is Qubit?

Quantum computers use the Qubit as a basic unit of memory rather than traditional ‘bits’ (used in classic computers).


The main reason to use this alternative instead of the bit is to allow the coherent superposition of 0s and 1s, digits of the binary system around which all computing system revolves.

While bits can only have a single value at a time, which is 1 or 0, quantum technology means that a qubit can be both zero and one simultaneously in different proportions.

This multiplicity of states make it easier for a quantum computer with only 30 qubits, for example, to perform 10 billion floating-point operations per second, and this is around 5.8 billion more than the most powerful PlayStation game console. Above the qubit explained from scratch.

What is superposition ?

Quantum bits can represent countless possible combinations of zeros and ones at the same time.

In simple words, 0s and 1s can present simultaneously in multiple states, which we call the state of superposition.

Scientists use precision lasers or microwave beams to put qubits in a superposition state. These are examples of the law of superposition and working technology system.

This superposition is totally different from what physics told us. I mean, there is a question: what is superposition in physics? The principle of superposition in physics says: When two or more than two waves cross at a single point, the displacement at that point is equal to the sum of the individual waves’ displacements, and its individual wave displacements may be positive or negative. This is the law of superposition definition science.

What is entanglement?

Scientists can develop pairs of qubits that are “entangled.” In simple words, the two members of a pair exist in a single quantum state.

If you change the state of one qubit, it will instantly change the second one state. Even both are separate by long distance.

Even in this technology era, we failed to find out how and why entanglement functions work. It also confuses Einstein, the same man who described it as “spooky action at a distance.” But as we know that it’s the key to the power of a quantum computer so we are hoping to develop such kinds of things.

Quantum computer vs. normal computer

Quantum world and classic or normal computers are two parallel worlds with many differences and some similarities. Differences like traditional computers use a bit, and quantum computers use qubits instate of bits. Let’s look at three major differences between both.

quantum computer working
Programming Language

Quantum computers don’t have their own programming code and require development on a huge scale. Here, classic computers have the first-mover advantage; they have many programming languages like Java, SQL, Python, and many more languages.


Quantum computers are not developed widely in the world or for everyday use like personal computers (PC). These quantum computers are so complex that they can only be used in the corporate world or scientific and technological fields.


Quantum computers have a simple architecture compared to traditional computers. Even these computers don’t have a memory and a processor. Instead of a processor, it uses a set of qubits solely.

Quantum computing startups in India

This type of computer idea started in the 1980s, when a physicist from America, paul Benioff, proposed a quantum Turing Machine model used in world war 2 for cracking codes.

Multibillion-dollar companies like Google and IBM have been working on creating quantum machines. India also has an interest in developing these supercomputers.

Indian finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman allocated Rs 8000 crore as Union Budget in the financial year of 2020, only to develop technologies like quantum computers and more. India is one of the developing countries, and it has a tremendous opportunity to develop this technology.

Google’s quantum computer name is Sycamore, and this computer works with 54 cubic processors. This quantum computer company stock price is moderate but in the future, we will see a much more increase in its price.

Startups from India

  1. DST
  2. Qunu Labs
  3. Automatski
  4. IBM India
  5. Entanglement Partners


Finance with quantum computing

Companies like Google and Microsoft can optimize their investment portfolios and improve fraud detection systems. Quantum computers become more powerful when we use 5G technology with them.

Healthcare with a quantum computer

Quantum computing gonna impact healthcare sector as much as possible. It help in DNA research and generically customised treatment for individuals.

Cybersecurity with a quantum computer

Quantum programming has some risks, but it has some advantages. Its advances in data encryption, like quantum key distribution (QKD) system. It also helps in Edge computing and Blockchain technology.

Mobility and transport with a quantum computing

Startups like Airbus are already working on quantum computer-based projects to improve and design more efficient aircraft. A qubit can also gonna help in the traffic planning system and route management. These two systems are must be needed after flying cars become a part of our day-to-day life.

IBM India

This company’s IBM Quantum is the first initiative to build universal quantum computers for science, business, and engineering.


DTS stands for The development of science and technology

Qunu Labs

Qunu Labs are bengaluru based indian’s first quantum research company.


It is a bengaluru based research and development company. Automatski also had an office in los Angeles

Entanglement Partners

It’s quantum information and cybersecurity company

What’s quantum computer

Quantum computers are supercomputers which use qubit instead of bits.

Is quantum computer real

Yes, quantum computers are real and nowadays it’s under developing condition. Big companies like IBM and google already working on it. even google have their own quantum computer which is Sycamore.

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